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Creative Lighting Concepts is an Australian based company which specialises in designing and supplying high performance LED and Fibre Optic Lighting Systems that utilise the latest technology control equipment for both national and international clients.

We are unique in that we can provide off the shelf solutions as well as custom design and manufacture of LED Lighting Systems to suit the requirements of the most discerning clients. We liaise with architects, designers and engineers from around the world to bring their design concepts to light.

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Dare To Dream & Let Creative Lighting Concepts Bring It To Light…

Enhance Your Environment



Pools & Water Features

Providing unique LED & fibre optic lighting solutions for your pool or water feature.



Create and enhance your living environment in an aesthetic sense.


Super yachts

Ultimate Lighting Solutions For The Worlds Most Luxurious Yachts



Creative Lighting Solutions That Evokes Emotion.



Providing custom LED lighting solutions to bring that little bit of Vegas to your venue.



The Worlds First & Original LED Back Lighting Panel

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How to Backlight Translucent Surfaces

Back lighting is the process of placing a source of light behind a translucent material to make it glow or light up. The old method of doing this was to create a light box with an internal white reflective surface and place the translucent material over this for...

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How to Dim LED Strip

The easiest and most reliable way to dim fixed colour LED strip is with a phase cut triac dimmable driver which utilises the 240V dimming signal from an LED dimmer, and converts that into a 12/24V DC PWM signal for dimming. I have found the DIGINET LED Smart Phase...

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