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Creative Lighting Concepts

“Lighting design is, in fact, the planning of our visual environment. Good lighting design aims to create perceptual conditions which allow us to work effectively and orient ourselves while promoting a feeling of well-being in a particular environment.

At the same time it enhances the environment in an aesthetic sense and although the physical qualities of a lighting situation can be calculated and measured, ultimately, it is the actual effect the lighting has on the user of the space and his subjective perception, that decides whether a lighting concept is successful or not”.

Most general lighting application afforded by architects, building companies and lighting show rooms are simply the illumination of an area, lights spaced evenly in a given space to create even illumination. This form of lighting allows you to see and to navigate through the area, but does little to evoke emotion and smiles from those who pass through it.

By breaking the lighting of the home or area down into the 4 requirements of general lighting, task lighting, accent (mood) lighting and special effect lighting the end result can be truly amazing!

1. General Lighting

Is the illumination of an area for general use, for example;

• A single light in a room
• A light in a store room
• A public passage way




2. Task Lighting

Is the illumination of an area for a specific task or work application, for example;

• Kitchen benches
• A study desk
• A billard table
• Make up station
• Sitting area for reading

lighting design
residential projects

3. Accent or mood lighting

Is generally softer lighting which through its lower lux level (softer lighting) naturally invokes emotions and feelings of connectedness, peace and calm. This technique may also involve the use of colour depending on the client brief and application, for example;

• Art work or pieces of art located within a niche
• Water features and ponds
• Floor washers
• Up lighters
• Covers or coffers
• Architectural features

residential projects

4. Special effect lighting

Is the creation of an effect upon a given surface or area typically involving the use of colour or colours which may be static (fixed colour), colour changing or projetced through the use of a show controller, gobo, colour wheel or multimedia projection. This is where the party’s at! For example;

• Fibre optic star ceiling with shooting stars involving sequenced fibre
• Lamina jets involving light being injected into jets of water which arc into a pool or pond
• Illuminating acrylic or resin
• Projecting images, shapes or patterns upon a surface
• Multimedia screens playing whatever your heart desires
• Colour washing building or walls
• Robotic moving head light fixtures

fibre optics

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