Creative Lighting That Evokes Emotion


Our Design Philosophy

Creative Lighting Concepts

Lighting design is in fact the planning of our visual environment. Good lighting design aims to create perceptual conditions which allow us to work effectively and orient ourselves while promoting a feeling of well-being in a particular environment.

At the same time it enhances the environment in an aesthetic sense and although the physical qualities of a lighting situation can be calculated and measured, ultimately, it is the actual effect the lighting has on the user of the space and his subjective perception, that decides whether a lighting concept is successful or not.


Layered Lighting

A beautiful lighting design that is aesthetically pleasing is created with layers of light, with the majority of it being made up of indirect layers. Single or multiple ceiling coves, niches in walls, floor washers, under-lit stairs and the lighting of art all form the layers which make passing through a space truly magnificent.

The layers form an ambient light level by which you can navigate, and then directional down lighting can be used to illuminate furniture or create areas of brightness where tasks may be performed. Further layers may be added by the introduction of table or floor lamps and gorgeous chandeliers and pendants which may function like illuminated pieces of art.


An important aspect of the design is the ability to control the amount of light in the area via dimming. There are numerous lighting control systems which make this very easy through programmed scenes, but if you can’t afford, nor desire the expense of one of these systems, then well thought out grouping of layers works wonders.

Our design philosophy is to group layers which have similar throw distances and lumens outputs. For instance a ceiling cove would have a similar distance from the luminaire to the ceiling surface, as would under lighting of a bed suite from the LED strip to the carpet.

A wonderful lighting design when viewed from any angle, contains layers of light in the for-ground, mid-ground and background. This is how we create magic!



Introducing colour to a lighting design can have a dramatic affect on those entering the space. It need not be heavily saturated, as in a deep rich blue, but of the pastel variety which can compliment interior design and furnishings.

Reds, pinks and oranges will create a feeling of warmth, whereas blues and greens have a cooling effect. A feature wall in a shower is a great place for colour to be used. Orange, lime and yellow in the morning will induce feelings of vitality, with indigo and purple in the evenings created feelings of calmness and relaxation

Special Effects

A great lighting design needs to be able to expand and contract with the client’s mood and lifestyle, and special effects can be incorporated into the design so long as they don’t disrupt the aesthetic balance of what has already been created.

A fiber optic star ceiling is always a crowd pleaser with the slow twinkle of the stars mesmorising and creating a sense of calm in the space. Shooting stars, explosions and galaxies can all be created with sequenced fiber increasing the impact of the special effect.

As O LED technology continues to develop it will become more affordable and multimedia special effects will become the norm. Screens will installed as splashbacks that can display a marble finish one day and beautiful tiles the next. The future of creative lighting is exciting and we are proud to be be at the forefront of it.


Dare to dream and let Creative Lighting Concepts bring it to light…