The Worlds First & Original LED Back Lighting Panel


What is LumiSheet?

LumiSheet is the world’s first LED integrated edge-lit light panel delivering homogeneous illumination.

LumiSheet is produced by combining high intensity LED’s with a patented 3D V-Cutting system and heat sink technology allowing light to be transmitted uniformly across its surface.

This patented technology makes it possible for us to produce frameless lighting panels of any shape, size and colour!

LumiSheet’s slim 8mm profile eliminates the need for space hungry light boxes, giving it an endless array of design possibilities.

How will you use LumiSheet…?


Backlighting Marble, Onyx & Corian

Gone are the days of having to create space hungry light boxes for backlighting. Simply screw or adhere the LumiSheet panel into place and fit the translucent stone directly against the panel. It’s that easy!



Man made products like Corian or glass will require a small gap between it and the LumiSheet panel due to their very high level of translucency.

If you’re wanting to backlight a beautiful piece of stone, there’s only one choice…..LumiSheet!



Backlight With LumiSheet - Creative Lighting Concepts
High CRI LumiSheet Skylight

Artificial Skylights

There are two main factors that determine whether an artificial skylight is a success, and they are;

1. The quality of light provided

2. The amount of light added to the space

CRI, or Colour Rendering Index determines the quality of light, and an LED is given a score out of 100 on how well it faithfully reproduces colour. Sunlight is given the maximum score of 100.

Standard LED’s have a CRI of about 83, and anything over 90+ is deemed as medical grade, allowing skin tones and colours to be observed faithfully. LED’s with 90+ CRI make colours pop and the difference between 83 CRI and 90+ is truly remarkable.

Our artificial skylights use 90+ CRI LED’s that provide a natural quality light which faithfully reproduces colours. The soft glow of the LumiSheet panel replicates a natural skylight, filling the area with high-quality light.

The powder coated ceiling frames come in any shape or colour you desire, so contact us today to discuss your project needs.


Features & Benefits of LumiSheet

Slim Design: Only 8mm Profile
Lifetime: Up to 70,000hrs/16 years at 12 hrs/day
Low Power Consumption & Cost Saving: Consumes 70% less power than T5 fluorescent lamps and up to 30% less energy than CFL’s
Eco-Friendly: Contains no mercury or other hazardous materials
Water Resistant: Available in IP65 rating
Sizes & Shapes: Can be cut into any shape and size up to 3000mm x 1500mm

Colour Temperatures: 2700K ~ 6500K, 90+ CRI, RGB and RGBW


Design Applications

Artificial Skylights, Signage, Retail Display, Splash Backs, Art

Dare to dream and let Creative Lighting Concepts bring it to light…