AR1 Aluminium Profile For LED Strip


Perfect For Making Cabinetry Lighting

Most Popular Recessed Profile!

The AR1 aluminium profile is the main one we use in our lighting designs when we want a flush recessed finish. It is very light weight with a small profile and packages together as a nice compact light.

Where to Use

  • Recessed to The Underside of Stairs
  • Recessed to The Underside of Overhead Cupboards
  • Recessed Into The Side of a Pantry Cupboard
  • Recessed Into Cabinetry Kicks
  • Recessed to The Underside of Shelves

What LED Strip to Use

If the product is installed into a position where it is not seen directly, then you can use an LED strip with 60 – 120 LED’s/m and the clear diffuser.

If the product is installed in the line of sight, then you probably don’t want hot spots on the diffuser, so use the opal diffuser and a dense LED strip like our MEGAFLEX240, which has 240 LED’s/m. The resultant effect is an even glow.

3000K MEGAFLEX-Creative Lighting Concepts

How to Fix Into Place

The best way to fix the AR1 aluminium profile into place is with an adhesive like clear a multipurpose silicon, or a quality double sided tape from 3M. If you drill and screw the profile into place you run the risk of having a sharp edge that will penetrate the LED strip when you are fixing it into the profile.

3528-240 LED Cut Off Segment Image

LED Profile Features

  • 2000mm Length
  • Choice of Diffuser
  • Small Profile
  • Comes With End Caps
  • 6063-T5 Silver Anodized Aluminium
  • 14.4W/m Max LED Strip Power
  • 5 year warranty

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