Artflex240 RGB Strip Light


An RGB strip light with 240 LED’s/m designed for use in shallow profiles within cabinetry where a spot free finish is desired. Not seen before!

Wine Cellar Spot Free Illumination-Creative Lighting Concepts

A Passion For RGB Strip Light

ARTFLEX240 is an RGB strip light with 240 LED’s/m designed to provide a spot free finish when installed into shallow mounting profiles used in cabinetry. When compared to a typical RGB strip having 60 LED’s/m, the performance is unsurpassed.

There is a big difference between “that’s nice” and “WOW!”. At Creative Lighting Concepts we love lighting, and we have provided Ultimate Lighting Solutions around the world for the past 15 years.

3000K MEGAFLEX-Creative Lighting Concepts

Colour Never Looked So Good

ARTFLEX240 is perfect for use in retail outlets, bars, clubs and restaurants, where profiles can be used creatively in direct line of sight to offer up beautiful lines of rich colour.

Creating coloured lighting effects has never been so easy thanks to the ultra high density of LED’s ARTFLEX240 uses.


Brightness, Saturation & Hue

These are the three main qualities of light in relation to colour. Brightness is the amount of light given off by a light source, usually expressed in lumens or lux. Some studies have shown that brighter light can intensify emotions, while low light doesn’t remove emotions, but keeps them steady.

Saturation is the intensity of a colour. More saturated hues can have amplifying effects on emotions, while muted colors can dampen emotions.

Hue is defined as a colour or shade. It’s been proven (through various studies) that natural light can make you happier, but colours created by artificial light can also evoke different emotions and have other effects on the body.

MEGAFLEX 95 CRI Rich COlour Rendering
3528-240 LED Cut Off Segment Image

RGB Strip Light Features

  • 240 LED’s/m
  • Spot Free Illumination
  • 25mm Cut Off Segments
  • <3 Step MacAdam Ellipse
  • Australian Designed
  • 5 year warranty

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