D900+ Nightshift


Shift The Colour Temperature

Introducing Night Shift

In nature lighting never stays the same, it’s constantly changing and shifting frequencies. For the first time our best in class Tru Colour lighting technology now shifts it’s colour temperature from 1800K – 3100K when dimmed!

Night Shift Colour Change
Your Light

Your Light is Your Mood

There are noticeable differences in the way lighting transforms someone’s state of mind. Night Shift is designed to elicit these natural responses by illuminating a space with the perfect colour temperature when it’s needed most.

Shift The Temperature



Fascias Filters Mix

Infinite Creative Possibilities

Whether you want to focus the light using a beam-shaping fascia or simply tailor the look of each luminaire, fascias provide the freedom to customise your lighting to better suit your style. They are available in 6 colours including a paint-able white option. This flexibility provides the freedom to customise each luminaire to either blend seamlessly with the ceiling or stand out as a feature that complements other elements of the design.

Adapt Your Design

Featuring a simple twist on/off system, fascias are easy to change whenever you update your interior.

Fascia Removal


  • 750 Lumens From 1800K – 3100K
  • True Colour 98 CRI Bringing Colour to Life
  • Smooth Deep Recess Form to Increase Visual Comfort
  • 5 Different Interchangeable Fascia Styles
  • Advanced Digital Driver For Seamless Control on Dimming
  • Universal Airtight Gimbal For Control Without Efficiency Losses
  • Australian Designed
  • 7 year warranty!