D900 SH Installation Example

D900 SH CURVE LED Downlight

This surface-mounted downlight draws eyes upwards with its modern design during daylight hours and illuminates spaces with brilliant Tru-Colour light at night.

D900 SH Curve Lens Close Up
D900 SH Curve Close Up Lens Shot

Lasting Style

The D900 SH comes in either black or white fittings to complement range of spaces and styles. Designed to last for up to 70,000 hours, this surface-mounted downlight will wash your interiors with TruColour light for years to come.

No Cut Outs? No Worries!

Complete with a surface mount, this downlight comes with a flying lead fitting, making it easy to install onto hard-to-cut surfaces and wire into your electrical circuit.

D900 SH Curve Installation Signage
D2000 SHX Surface vs Recessed

Cut Your Carbon & Cover Your Costs

By eliminating the need for cutouts and gaps in insulation, Surface Series LED’s stop conditioned air from escaping through the roof. Choosing surface-mounted LED’s instead of recessed equivalents means an average-sized Australian home stands to save so much on heating and cooling, that it will cover their lighting bill.


  • 900 Lumens in 3000K
  • 98 CRI TruColour Bringing Colour to Life
  • Smooth Deep Recess Form to Increase Visual Comfort
  • Advanced Digital Driver For Seamless Control on Dimming
  • Australian Designed
  • 7 year warranty

D2000 SHX Close Up Lensing