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Creative Lighting Concepts provides both off the shelf and bespoke lighting solutions to the world’s most prestigious superyacht projects.

A lot of our work is custom in nature as we are often contracted to do what the others cannot due to our specialist design and manufacture capabilities. All of the lighting systems we design are manufactured to the highest standards and we provide all technical support for the life of the product.

As lighting consultants we are highly trained in all facets of the design process ensuring the solutions we specify for our clients achieve or exceed expectation. Our goal is to evoke emotion through creative design!

Please contact us through our contacts page to discuss your lighting needs or special requirements.

White Rabbit Superyacht-Creative Lighting Concepts-Superyacht Lighting Specialists

Silveryachts – M.Y Bold

Launched in 2019 M.Y Bold is yacht 5 from Silveryachts, and at 85m in length, the largest superyacht ever built in Australia.

Designed for fast positioning this expedition yacht has a shallow draft for increased fuel efficiency and access to shallow cruising waters.

Creative Lighting Concepts designed and supplied high output LED panels with very low glare for use in the engine and pump rooms.

Echo Yachts – M.Y White Rabbit & M.Y Charley

At 84m in length, White Rabbit is the largest superyacht built in Australia, the largest aluminium superyacht in the world and world’s largest trimaran superyacht. Built by Echo Yachts in Western Australia she was launched in 2018.

Her 46m support vessel M.Y Charley is the largest composite vessel built in Australia incorporating the latest in vacuum resin infused composite construction processes and became a finalist in the World Superyacht Awards category of Best Shadow Vessel.

Creative Lighting Concepts manufactured over 1300m of LED strip luminaires fitted throughout the vessel, and bespoke LED neon flex was developed for the exterior fit out.

Bespoke RGBWW LED luminaires were designed and supplied for White Rabbit, with a 3D model being printed to test tolerances before production.

White Rabbit World's Largest Trimaran

Silveryachts – M.Y Silverfast

77m Superyacht Silverfast & Mercedes Benz

The 77m Superyacht M.Y Silverfast is yacht 4 in the Silver Series of yachts built by Silver Yachts in Western Australia.

We manufactured and supplied over 500m of LED strip lighting fitted into aluminium extrusions that provide a spot free finish upon the diffuser surfaces.

Our 316 marine grade LED Courtesy lights were once again used extensively throughout the vessel, and so was the fibre optic lighting system, designed light sources to create an elegant line of light from port mid ship around to starboard mid ship.

Custom LED uplights were developed with an incredible 160 deg beam angle which were flush mounted to uplight the super structure. With a very small footprint and shallow mounting depth, the luminaire was a clear winner with the team at Silver Yachts.

Creative Lighting Concepts was proud to see the launch of the Superyacht ‘Nirvana’, which immediately went into one of the top 100 Superyachts of all time.

CLC was commissioned to provide the LED technology and control gear to illuminate the Compression Post lights, Day Bed Umbrella Bollards, Fixed Seating Umbrella Bollards, Bulk Head Luminaires and Pool Bollards, all dimmable from 0-100% via the onboard Lutron Lighting Control System.

A thermal management system was designed with sensors installed onto all of the LED panels we supplied so that in the event of over temperature, the LED panels would flash 3 times before dimming themselves down to a safe operating temperature, preventing system failure.

The LED control gear was assembled into Sorrel fire proof cabinets and shipped to Holland for easy installation by the team at Oceanco.

88.5m Superyacht Nirvana

Silveryachts – M.Y Smerelda

77m Superyacht Smeralda

The 77m Superyacht M.Y Smeralda is yacht 3 in the Silver Series of yachts built by Hanseatic Marine in W.A Australia.

We manufactured and supplied over 400m of LED strip lighting fitted into aluminium extrusion that provided a spot free finish upon the diffuser window.

Bespoke 1W LED courtesy lights were designed, manufactured and supplied for installation across the vessel and a fibre optic lighting system was also designed and supplied for Smeralda which included multiple lightsources with side lighting fiber from port mid ship around to starboard mid ship.

Creative Lighting Concepts is very proud of its ongoing strong relationship with Hanseatic Marine and we are looking forward working on yacht 4 of the Silver Series coming in 2015.

M.Y Quantum

The 36.5m Superyacht M.Y Quantum was built by Warren Yachts of Brisbane Australia under the title of the S120 and was the final yacht built by Warren yachts.

We were the first in the world to supply LED strip with close LED spacing which provided a spot free finish upon the diffuser surface. This was used extensively within the ceiling coves on board.

1W LED Courtesy Lights were designed and supplied, along with a custom fiber optic anchor well lighting system to illuminate the water surface before anchors were dropped.

Fiber optic lighting was also incorporated into the step tread lighting on the fly bridge stairs, aft deck step, forward interior crew stairs and mid ship guest stairs. Each stair had 1mm end light fibers evenly spaced across the tread and was powered by a dimmable 50W Kinetic Light. A stunning result!

36.5m Superyacht Quantum Motoring

M.Y Constellation

86m Superyacht Constellation

Creative Lighting Concepts was commissioned to design an LED lighting solution to replace the ailing recessed fluorescent fixtures mounted into the galley range hood canopy on board M.Y Constellation. The brief included ensuring the fixtures were IP rated to prevent steam ingress and to dramatically raise the light level upon the cooking surfaces.

Our design solution utilised a recessed aluminium extrusion housing 55W of very high output LED strip in 4000K CCT, providing 5200 lumens of light, dramatically increasing the light levels upon the cooking surfaces and pleasing the chefs to no end.

Silveryachts – M.Y Silver Zwei

The 77m Superyacht M.Y Silver Zwei is yacht 2 in the Silver Series of yachts built by Hanseatic Marine in W.A Australia.

We manufactured and supplied over 500m of LED strip lighting fitted into aluminium extrusions that provided a spot free finish upon the diffuser surface. This was used extensively throughout Silver Zwei as indirect lighting in coves, recesses behind artwork, beneath bed suites and associated furnishings in all cabins and in book shelves to stunning effect.

This was our first project for Hanseatic Marine and though our professional manner and the high-quality LED luminaires supplied for Silver Zwei, we became the preferred supplier of LED lighting for the Silver Series of yachts. A relationship we are immensely proud of.

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