Twinkly Pro™

Professional Lighting Shows Out Of The Box

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What Is Twinkly Pro™?

Twinkly Pro™ is a smart lighting system comprising RGBWW addressable LED strings that are controlled via proprietary software to enable you to design and control the most amazing lighting shows via a smart phone/tablet or web app. With minimal technical knowledge you can set up and control your installation with an infinite number of effects that are completely customisable.

Create Lighting Shows Like a Boss

Set up your Twinkly Pro™ lighting system without any professional tools or knowledge. Incredible lighting shows are at your finger tips with Twinkly Pro™, it’s just plug and play.

Install Twinkly Pro™

Set up the lights without concern for exact positioning of the bulbs.

Map The Lights

Use your smartphone camera and the Twinkly mobile app to quickly map the lights.

Play Effects

Select amazing lighting shows from the gallery or create your own.

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