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What Is Twinkly Pro™?

Twinkly Pro™ is a smart lighting system comprising RGBWW addressable LED strings that are controlled via proprietary software to enable you to design and control the most amazing lighting shows via a smart phone/tablet or web app. With minimal technical knowledge you can set up and control your installation with an infinite number of effects that are completely customisable.

Create Lighting Shows Like a Boss

Set up your Twinkly Pro™ lighting system without any professional tools or knowledge. Incredible lighting shows are at your finger tips with Twinkly Pro™, it’s just plug and play.

Install Twinkly Pro™

Set up the lights without concern for exact positioning of the bulbs.

Map The Lights

Use your smartphone camera and the Twinkly mobile app to quickly map the lights.

Play Effects

Select amazing lighting shows from the gallery or create your own.

Your All In One Solution to Incredible Lighting Projects

Twinkly is a smart lighting system you can use to illuminate anything and everything, from a home Christmas tree to an entire town!

Twinkly combines best in class hardware with proprietary software to let you design and control the best lighting installations you can imagine.

Our mission is to empower everyone to effortlessly create and manage small to large installations with minimal technical knowledge.

To make this possible we developed a full ecosystem, our renowned LED ligths, controllers, mobile and web apps, which will give you a seamless experience and full control over the creation and maintenance of your project.


Mappable LED Pixels

Magical 3D animations diplayed on your decoration just like a video on your TV.

You can have incredible results quickly and easily. Through the smartphone camera the Twinkly app maps the exact position of each LED in 3D space, letting you wrap any shape you desire, and apply amazing effects with pixel perfect precision.


3D Computer Vision

Just frame your decoration and Twinkly will do the rest.

The heuristic Computer Vision mapping functionality performs a scan of your decoration to create a true virtual layout to precisely control the whole group of lights as one single entity.

By quick sequence encoded light flashes, the app is able to determine the position and corresponding identification code of each single LED.

A sophisticated reconstruction algorithm combines views made at different angles to create the best 3D model in a few seconds.




Choose from the Gallery.

Download new ones.

Our new Effects Gallery is constantly improving with loads of effects to suit everyone’s tastes, tags for different requirements, and easy to preview effects grid.

Still want more? Head over to the Online section which is continually being updated with fresh new effects to download. You can never have too many!



The power of creation in your hands

FX Wizard is a simple but extremely powerful tool that anyone can use to create stunning effects in a matter of seconds.

The user will have the ability to choose, adjust, and mix differfent patterns to create unique compositions with ease using intuitive gestures.

Pinch, zoom, rotate and BOOM! Your very own new professional grade effect.


Another revolutionary technology ready to give colour and shape to any sound.

Twinkly Music in combination with any Twinkly light set offers much more than just music sensitivity. Its cutting edge algorythms decode any sound source in real time, whether it's classical, pop, rnb or dance music, to identify relevent musical elements to create a combined audio visual experience.



Twinkly's System


Mobile App

The only tool you need to locally configure your display of one or more controllers.

Cloud Console

Allows you remotely control one or more installations with advanced features from any location.


Twinkly's System



Addressable LED

Twinkly's LED's are individually controllable and can change colour and brightness in real time.


They run all the calculations and control elements necessary for the operation of your display. Yhey're a communication device connecting lights and applications.


Our Pro accessory line helps you handle the connectivity of your larger installations and control them from any location, be it local or remote.

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